Our Venue - Maut

When arriving in Gumpoldskirchen especially standing in front of the venue, you wouldn’t believe a hundred year old “Heurigen” (restaurant known for it’s wine and typical Austrian food) can persuade with the full spectrum of what you’d want to experience at a DnB Party. But you should take a closer look and experience in person what it’s actually like.

The main dance floor stretches along the old winery’s basement / dungeon (one can only wonder why we found instruments of torment when prepping the venue) which fits up to 300 people.

The outdoor area in one of the Heurigen’s many patios is great to chill and chat with friends while recovering from raving. Or to make new one’s in a truly relaxed environment.

The other indoor part consists of the bar which is handcrafted from at times almost century old wine barrels, which give the location a very quaint and old fashioned look which adapts and kind of mixes quite perfectly to what a rave location is meant to be.

It doesn’t have to be all perfectly rounded up, it’s more about the flair the venue creates when you think to yourself, heck what is actually happening right now in this odd place for DnB.

But that’s the point, there is no such “odd” place for Drum n Bass. It’s what you make out of the location. It’s supposed to be unique in a way, having corners and edges who make the image complete in the end.​